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Stock Market for beginner

Stock Market for beginner

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We are building an ecosystem of everything that gets consumed in Personal Finance. And making it Affordable.

Would you buy a brand new JCB without bucket? Or a laptop without screen?

So, why do you buy half baked financial products? You pay separately for stock lessons, stock recommendations. a little extra for mutual funds and then some more for insurance. and then again for stock analysis tool.

Let's end this mess, Introducing Market Milestone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions that you may have in your mind.

Mutual fund investment, by its very nature, is subject to market risks, which is why it is a tough task to select funds that deliver positive returns, let alone beating the average. While mutual fund investing seems a cakewalk, most people don’t understand what’s beyond the obvious in fund-picking. Market Milestone introduces you to the basics of how to select the right mutual fund and what they won’t tell you about it!

Every Mr. Joe seems to have a few stock recommendations for you; but is that reliable? Is it based on proper conviction? Is there an unprejudiced thesis behind it? In most cases, No. If you wish to make money from the markets, you need an unbiased and scientific stock-teller. Well, Market Milestone brings to you Recipe where the Chef Special shall provide scientifically-screened and expert-curated stocks just for you. Plus, you get to know the rationale behind these stock-picks in the Investment Insights.

The best investment course not only tells you investment theories but also illustrates how it can be applied in real-life scenarios. The market rewards not someone who has the best theory rather the one who can apply even the simplest of techniques practically. That is where our course comes in and helps you understand investment strategies along with their contextual applications.

Financial Planning is the comprehensive evaluation of your current financial position and future goals to chalk-out a time-bound strategy for the future. It involves assessing your financial position, identifying leakages, acknowledging your goals, assessing your risk profile, designing a suitable asset allocation plan and laying down a strategy timeline to accomplish the goals.

Financial planning involves the following steps: 1. Defining your financial goals and objectives 2. Gathering your financial and personal information 3. Developing your financial plan 4. Implementing the plan 5. Periodic follow-ups to ensure the plan is on track

A comprehensive financial plan takes all your financial attributes into account and provides an unbiased strategy that suits you. This includes everything from spending management to debt diagnosis, insurance planning, retirement planning, asset allocation and all other tools that facilitate financial freedom.

The best financial planner is one that not only studies you but understands you. Scanning your profile and suggesting you a popular investment option (yes yes, that one) is easy, but understanding your profile and recommending unpopular hacks that are perfect for you is what separates the best from the rest. Guess what? Recipe is here to change your definition of the ‘best financial planner’.

Market Milestone is your one-stop destination that assists you throughout your investment journey from investment knowledge to financial planning to demat account opening to stock analysis. Market Milestone is the perfect financial planning platform that understands you and your goals, evaluates your risk profile and suggests you an appropriate asset allocation to attain those goals.